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The Blue Pullman Train

Press Release by Adrian Parcell of Cotswold Rail on Thursday 1st February 2007 –

‘I am delighted to announce the launch of a new business based within Gloucester – The Blue Pullman Train Co Ltd.  Adding this most picturesque train to our COTSWOLD group is one where I believe we are positioned to offer a high quality passenger service, removing weeks of uncertainty regarding its future.

The company, that took possession of the assets from the FM Rail ‘Blue Pullman’ at 00.01 this morning, aims to uphold and retain the traditional train that has been recently experienced by many when operated under FM.  Mainline status of the set will be retained under the sponsorship of Gloucester based rail operator Advenza Freight Ltd, that has its own UK National passenger operators licence.

Richard Clark, Advenza Freight Head Of Commercial said, “It is fantastic news that the Blue Pullman has followed me to Advenza and its place in railway history maintained”, he continued “I am absolute passionate about this train, everytime it enters service people are impressed with it’s style, panache and quality. The X factor of charter sets”

The train can be booked for any purpose including Corporate events.  Charters will also be run by Advenza’s sister company, Heartland Rail using this set as a 1st Class full-diner emulating the sets previous use. 

With the replacement from the set of brake vehicle number 9513 by a more modern example the train will, in the very short future, see the introduction of full disabled facilities.’  

Pleas click on the picture above to go to website and contact details.